Lunar new year spirit XDD

Wheee~~~ even my Church has the spirit of Lunar New Year!!! Think any spirits visited our Church today to give hongbaos?? XDXD

Yes, the Church hanged red lanterns everywhere! Yes, the lanterns have 福 written on them! Yes, the altar was draped with red clothes! Yes, the Church’s attendants wore red clothes! Yes, there were fake gold ingots filled with hongbaos in front of the altar (0.0) and yes, there were two baskets of oranges beside the ingots (^_______^)

Not so surprisingly, since it was happened last year, the Pastor is Chinese (and of course can speak fluent mandarin, he slipped it here & there)!!! Usually it was native people here!! My Church has Lunar New Year special package with free hongbaos and oranges after! LMAO!!!!

I’m happy though, at least we Chinese people are finally free to exist here *nodsnods* 8D

Btw, I’m contemplating to close this account…..or at least stop writing here since it’s practically almost useless -_- I rarely write anything anyway….
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Donghae Bada

Donghae fanart for hunni23 since she requested a Donghae one~
If the pic's not clear enough.....I did a Donghae (or supposed to be XD) riding a large sea shell/clam on a wave

Hope ya like it!!!
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Can't watch Pirates of Carribbean on StarMovies tonight coz I have to read Amae no Kouzo for my final assignment T_T

SO why am I here in LJ? Pfft....godaan dunia...
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I miss you!!!


Dini, Tita, Hana, Himmi, Etas.....

I miss you, guys!!! Tita, it's been a month already.....I didn't even know when you're left, why didn't anyone tell me??

Himmi & Etas!! Etas, I'm not that close to you, but you're one of our class moodmaker, of course I miss you too! Himmi, how's life without your girl? I still remember the time when you took our class pics together at canteen, it was fun! I hope we could meet again when you're back!

Dini & Hana.....Hanaaaa!! Thanks so much for all your help! You're the bbest in our class, I know you'll be fine in Japan! Don't forget me & the others!
Dini!!! The night you were left, I couldn't go see you & Hana off, yet when I was all alone in my boarding room, I felt blank in my heart! Among all of you, you're the closest to me, I miss you already & I almost cried!! Worst, I couldn't tell anyone my feeling! If I told, like Widi or Cia, they would called me up via phone and comfort me and I'll be crying a lot!!

Let's have some nice chatting. k? Just keep in touch! I probably already graduated by the time you guys back!!

Love ya all, my friends!!

Ooh sotsuron.......

I went to Kinokuniya this noon, wanna search something perhaps related to my sotsuron but didn't find anything useful T^T
At least I bought Jay Chou to keep company..

And now...I'm reading a thesis written by a Japanese. So far I think it would help, but can't tell how far.

Dang, it's past midnight already. At least I have class only at 1.00 pm tomorrow..

Huaaahhhh......ikite iru ganbarouuuu~~~
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Rambling about Funny Dreams~~~

STrange dreams again? Amusing ones though...XD

2 nights ago I have had a dream of myself has a role of Ootori Homare from Japanese manga Gokuraku Doumei. Homare is a heiress of a hotel-ryokan named Gokuraku Doumei, her mom are unconcious due to heavy illness in hospital while her dad dissapeared some years before. She runs the hotel with the help of her older cousin, Sakie, and some staffs of the hotel.
Later, she got help from her schoolmates: Otoyan (her boyfriend, a high school athlete), her childhood friend Kippei (who left his home due to abusive step-family), Ikomayan (a quiet expressionless model with talent at photography, raised by an abusive mother) & raiza (teenage model who has bad temper & terrorized by her own mother).

Back to my dream, I saw this:
I live in a luxurious house, rivals to the Dashwood's mansion in "What A Girl Wants". I remember it was like Gokuraku Doumei coz in it I have a very distant relationship with my dad (Homare too like that). What I found really strange was I found the role of Kippei, the childhood friend, was filled by SHim Changmin from DBSK in his 15 years O.O He asked me something, may be an 'are you ok?' after I've got a fight with my dad..

Even in my own dream I managed to think 'huh, why he's here?'...may be I was half-sleeping?

Ok, Skip that. Still in the same dream, the scene changed to Japan, perhaps, coz I was playing with my cousin in a place we called 'Universal Studios' and the people there were Asians (I went to the Osaka Universal Studio with said cousin last June). And all the time I was dragged by my cousin to search some....I forgot what, I think a kissy skeleton/skull LOL *even more weird!!!!*

So we were running around the whole place, riding jet coasters & other attractions. I even met my Japanese friend, Koizumi Noriko, & her husband in one of the attraction. And they are from Osaka XD
Another thing, one kissy skeleton/skull we found there was in the Ghost Mansion or something, played by a Korean artist (again???). I forgot who her name is, but she's a guest at Sponge, her nickname there is 'The Joan of Arc of Knowledge".....

Last night? It was fun too, though I don't remember was there any Korean artists again.

It was like a game, I was a quiet & mysterious female soldier/assassin/martial-artist who was being chased coz labeled dangerous & saw something I shouldn't have. Most of the dream was I ran & being chased, fought, escape, and so on~
Bt then there was a point when I turned back the time & found that actually I was live with my family, normal ones, when all of a sudden being sucked to the TV where the programme was a Chinese epic movie. And then I totally changed in characteristic & played an important role in the movie.

Duh ^______^ hahahaha~~ so crazy~~

Weird but fun, I hope I have this kind of dream again *giggles* I'm still wondering about the Korean artists though~~


I made some Suju fanarts based from my story, A Guy or A Girl??? series. Well, I did try to make them a bit look like the real ones...to bad, my style is kinda semi-realistic one (perhaps?). Anyways here they are, all in rough sketches: 


I keep changing his face because I felt like seeing Heo Youngsaeng & not Kim Jongwoon here. So difficult to made a Yehsung, especially his eyes. No, mouth. Ah, whatever T_T Hair reference from...most of his hair style^^^ but mostly from Einhyuk's birthday and U PV.


Couldn't help it, I like seeing him in his feminine state lol Hope he's pretty enough~ Hair style from U PV


Hannie, tooo, was difficult to made. I know that I'm specialized on pretty boys with some/light muscle *a.k.a. heechul XD* but at least I was trying to put some Hannie's essence..
Hair style? From Eunhyuk's birthday combined with his debut appearance.


From my POV, this one is the best. I myself can see Teukie here, albeit too young & sweet ;p may be this is a young Teukie or his son lol Hair style from debut appearance, I guess.


Hehe~~ I was planning to draw them about 2 weeks before finally dreams come true *college T_T* Let's just say this is what Yehchul's strange-a-bit-perverted relationship XDXDXD Eh, Yehsung's a bit too skinny...his cheeks. Ah well..


Hope they're good enough~~

I'm pretty content for now coz I finally can submit the pics. And a bit more cheerful after went out with 2 classmates & 1 dongsaeng/kouhai with our new Japanese friends XD
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I'm so stressed....

I'm tired. Very. Mentally though...

I have to prepare my sotsuron for next year.....ok, it's still next year but of course gotta prepare it from now. Currently at an internet cafe near campus BUT hasn't yet to found anything really useful.

And it's raining outside, a great help to the internet connection.

I also has a new homework: translating 2 paragraphs of Indonesian folk story from indonesian to Japanese. For next week.

And the sotsuron? Have to prepare something about the topic....for 3 pages by next monday. And like I said, haven't found anything really useful.

And so tired, I've been sitting here for 5 hours....
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Haengbok for me & my friends!!

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm soooooooo happy!!!

I just got back from campus. I have had lunch with my friends when I found out that one of my friend is pregnant! YES!! PREGNANT!!!! 2 months old, she said! That means we'll see her with swollen stomach at the next graduation day, which is on December!!!

Ooooh I'm so happy for her, though it quite a shock at first. I mean, we're on the same age, it was shocking enough when she's married last January and now....

My classmates will be uncles & aunts soon! This is a good news between our soon will be stressful campus life XD

Congratz, dear friend of mine! Hope you'll have a cute-healthy-chubby baby, since both you & you're husband are quite skinny, LOLLLL~~
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I went to the International Education Fair today with my mom & bro. I actually need to train myself at Japanese conversation since that's my main problem *sigh*

But at the EduFair there was only 1 univ has came, the Ritsumeikan APU. I don't mind really, since I'm aiming Kyushuu or Osaka....but it will took a lot of money if I has to go through undergraduate study again. The graduate programs don't fit in my field of interest, I guess, and they don't have bachelor programs.

Seems I have to ask my sensei first. Afterall I only want a short course & my plan is to stay at least a year in Japan. Just to train myself. That's all.

Moreover my aunt geting energetic lately.....means she keeps pressing me some good guys from the same race, religion, etc for my future. Aaaaargh...

Btw, I've posted a new chap of A Guy or A Girl at Miracle, please go there if you want to read it~~